Mean Justice


This is a site devoted to all things western, but movies and TV shows especially. It exists because its author is a lifelong fanatic of all things that ride horses, shoot guns, take vengeance and act manly, but also because the western is one of the richest and most fascinating fictional genres of them all. is an ongoing critical encyclopedic reference, a constantly growing and evolving compendium of all things western from all eras an in all forms. There will be much here some of you may have never heard of, and there will be much that is not here that should be. Be patient, we’ll get around it. The frontier is as vast as it is fertile, and it will take some time to get all the steers into the corral. And even then there will be strays. The point is to provide a comprehensive panoramic appreciation of the most influential, versatile and just plain fascinating genre of the twentieth century, the one that held an uncanny mirror up to history in an astonishingly miniature frame. The cowboy might now seem like a quaint, archaic or spent figure, but hold your horses: he tracked a century on his trails, and his traces still tell us much about who we are and how we got here. Enjoy.